The Best Herbs That Help You Sleep Better

Aromatherapy has been used in civilizations for thousands of years. The first recorded use of aromatherapy was seen in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used fragrant plants in medicine, incense, skincare, and even for preserving the dead. In the 1920s, Italian doctors Renato Cayola and Giovanni Garri were the first to test the benefits of aromatherapy in a scientific setting. They studied the effects of essential oils on various systems of the body, particularly the mind. Aromatherapy has been scientifically shown to help improve sleep quality in people with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. 

Let’s dive into five super-herbs that are used in aromatherapy to help you sleep better:

mortar and pestle herbs for sleep
  1. Hops

  2. Lavender

  3. Mugwort

  4. Chamomile

  5. Rose

1. Hops for Sleep

hops for sleep hops sleep better

You may think that the sleepy feeling you get after drinking a beer is the effects of alcohol… you would only be half right. Did you know that the more hops in a beer, the more likely it is to make you sleepy? Hop is a natural sedative that works similarly when inhaled as it does when ingested. The sweet, slightly bitter scent of hops helps relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and induce sleep

2. Lavender for Sleep

lavender for sleep

Lavender has long been regarded as an anxiety-reducing herb. Several studies have been conducted that confirm its calming effects on people with mood and sleeping disorders. 36 patients in an aromatherapy study conducted in 1995 reported elevated moods and decreased anxiety after inhaling the essence of lavender oil. Another study done on 7 healthy students showed that exposure to lavender at night improved alertness during the day. Lavender has also been proven to help insomnia in two different studies, showing an improvement in sleep for 44 participants who inhaled lavender prior to bed. 

3. Mugwort for Sleep

mugwort for sleep mugwort lucid dreamingMugwort is historically regarded as a mystical herb with many health benefits. Have you ever experienced lucid dreaming? You know, the kind of dream where you realize you’re dreaming and begin to control everything around you. Well, when inhaled, mugwort promotes lucid dreaming, dream-recall, and is said to increase psychic ability. Even more, when ingested, mugwort helps with digestion, menstrual relief, and inflammation. It truly is a miracle herb. 

4. Chamomile for Sleep

chamomile for sleep chamomile flower

You’re probably familiar with the effects of drinking chamomile tea before bed, but did you know that inhaling it produces the same effects of stress reduction and relaxation? Scientists believe this is due to the benzodiazapene-like compounds found in chamomile flowers. Benzodiazapene is a compound used in pharmaceutical drugs that slows down the body’s brain and motor function, causing relaxation and drowsiness. 

5. Rose for Sleep

roses for sleep rose

Rose extract has therapeutic effects on both the body and mind. Several studies have shown that when inhaled, rose oil reduces muscle tension, anxiety, and blood pressure. These effects all help your body get to sleep faster. Another study found that smelling rose essence elevated mood and sexual desire in men and women with symptoms of depression and sexual dysfunction. No wonder roses are so popular on Valentine’s Day!

Aromatherapy is an important tool in helping maintain mental and physical health. The sedative and anxiety-reducing effects of hops, lavender, and chamomile are all necessary for falling asleep faster. Mugwort’s ability to induce lucid dreaming and dream recall makes sleep enjoyable and improves memory. Rose’s calming effects on the body help the mind relax before bed. 

We’ve included each one of these herbs in our pillows because, together, they make the perfect recipe for high-quality sleep. We did our research, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is lay your head on a Hoppy Dreams pillow and prepare for the best sleep of your life.