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The Quality of Your Sleep Affects the Quality of Your Day.

Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company produces comfortable, natural pillows so you can have comfortable, natural sleep. Stuffed with the highest quality alpaca fleece and complemented by an herbal sachet insert containing over a half dozen medicinal hops and herbs, our pillows are the most comfortable, natural pillows on the market. Each one is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, so you never have to worry about what's in your pillow. Not only that, but all of our ingredients are all-natural and sustainably sourced, so they're good for the planet to.

Our Pillows Increase the Quality of Your Sleep

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We produce natural, comfortable pillows so you can enjoy natural, comfortable sleep.

The Secret to Natural, Comfortable Sleep

Our pillows are homegrown, handpicked and handcrafted. We partner with local farmers and seamstresses to bring you the best sleep nature has to offer. 

Alpaca Fleece - The Fiber of the Gods

Long ago, ancient Incan kings nicknamed alpaca fleece "the fiber of the gods" for its soft, breathable and hypoallergenic nature. Each Hoppy Pillow is stuffed full of the legendary fiber to provide you with the most comfortable night of sleep you've ever had.

Hops - Nature's Sleep Aid

For centuries hops have been recognized as nature's sleep aid. Now, modern science is beginning to recognize the benefits. That's why hops are the premier ingredient in our patent pending herbal satchet that promotes sleep, encouarges dreaming, and comes with every single Hoppy pillow. 

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From Farm to Bed - Our Process

From our partner farms to your bed, every step of the Hoppy Dreams process is intentionally designed to provide you with a natural, comfortable pillow (sleep!) while building our community and honoring the planet.

The Farm

The majority of our hops and herbs are grown in the rich, fertile rainforests right here in Transylvania County, NC.

The Herd

The alpacas that provide us with their gorgeous fleece are raised by local farmers here in North Carolina.

The Harvest

Al Wilson (founder of Hoppy Dreams) and our partner farmers harvest the hops and herbs and grind them into our patent pending blend.

The Mill

At the mill, our alpacas gift us with their beautiful, comfortable fleece - over 2.5 lbs of which goes into each and every standard pillow.

The Seams

The hops, herbs and alpaca fleece are delivered to Robin and other local seamstresses to be sewn into natural, comfortable pillows and sleep-producing herbal sachets.

The Bed

Whether you purchase in our Brevard, NC store or online, we promise you will sleep better with your Hoppy Dreams pillow.

Our Ingredients

Every single one of our ingredients is all-natural, organic and non-toxic. They are good for you - and the environment. Look below to learn what's in your pillow. 


The power of the hop is the lupin oil contained in it's flower, which helps promote sleep when you breath in its natural essence.

Alpaca Fleece

Nicknamed "the fiber of the gods," this comfortable, breathable material is also non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.


Lavender flowers are 68% linalool oil, which has been shown to have sedative effects in healthy adults.


Mugwort is part of the daisy family and has long been recognized to promote lucid dreaming.

Floral Herbs

We use a blend of jasmine, lemon grass, chamomile, rose petals, and other floral herbs to create a pleasant, natural scent in our herbal sachets.

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