If you have not read Part 1 of this blog series, go ahead and check that out here:


In Part 2 of this four-part blog series, we will dig deeper into the first of the three categories of “Natural Sleep Solutions” that was addressed in Part 1 - Natural Supplements.


The focus of this blog series is on how to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep – naturally.

As you probably already know, there are a HUGE variety of options available for improving your sleep. The following three prevalent categories of natural sleep solutions will be addressed in this four-part blog series:

  1. Natural Supplements

  2. Informational Materials

  3. Sleep-Related Consumer Products

In today’s blog post, we will focus on Natural Supplements.

Informational Materials and Sleep-Related Consumer Products will be addressed in the next two blog posts.

Natural Supplements: There are probably thousands of natural supplements that claim to help improve the quality and/or quantity of your sleep. Natural supplements are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to the degree that pharmaceutical products are regulated. As a result, the availability of accurate information about natural supplements is lacking. (This is certainly NOT to say that all the available information about pharmaceutical products is accurate!)

There appears to be ample proof that many people experience improved sleep with the help of natural supplements. Many of these natural herbs, vitamins, hormones, etc. have been used for thousands of years all over the world to successfully address sleep problems.


I worked with Gaia Herbs in two divisions: Healthcare Practitioner and Specialty. (At that time, the Specialty Division consisted of E-Commerce, International, and Bulk Sales). Most of my time in the Specialty Division was spent on e-commerce because the other two channels were small in comparison.

In my opinion, and the opinions of many experts in the field, Gaia makes some of the best herbal supplements in the U.S. and the world. While working with Gaia, I attended numerous trade shows where I spoke with many thousands of customers and prospects.

I also attended dozens of educational webinars that Gaia hosted, which featured some of the leading experts in the natural products industry. During that time, I learned a great deal about Gaia’s products and the natural supplements industry as a whole.

Gaia manufactures some tremendously popular sleep products for their Healthcare Practitioner (AKA “Professional Solutions”) and retail lines. In both of my roles at Gaia, I sold large quantities of their products. Also, I was able to get tremendous amounts of customer feedback on the products. The overwhelming majority of the feedback I received was positive for both product lines.

Gaia sells a large variety of single-herb products and multi-herb formulas. Their products are available in both liquid extracts and liquid phyto-caps (a vegan-friendly capsule). All of Gaia’s products are highly concentrated, and either organic or ecologically wildcrafted.

I will not be getting into the specific details of Gaia’s products in this blog, but I may do so in a future blog.

You can research Gaia Herbs and their excellent products at

As you can see for yourself, Gaia’s website is amazing. It includes lots of extremely useful tools. You can use the “Search” function to identify products by a specific herb, a health issue (e.g., sleep), or a product name.

Gaia’s website also includes an amazing tool called “Meet Your Herbs” The MYH tool enables you to track every product “from seed to shelf” using the “Herb ID#” on each bottle. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the MYH tool provides more information about the products than you could ever want to know. Try it for yourself to see how user-friendly and informative it is. This extremely high level of transparency is one of the things that has helped Gaia become so successful.

I DO NOT make any money from this general overview of Gaia Herbs and their products. I am using them as an example but there are other great brands in the industry. As with anything you buy, online or in a bricks-and-mortar store, buyer beware. Do your own research including reviews, ratings, customer feedback, etc.

I recommend that you consult the Gaia Herbs website for any health issues. I also suggest that you do your own research and consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any nutritional supplements. Nobody knows your unique health situation better than you and your healthcare practitioner. Before taking any natural supplements, you should also research independent product reviews, competitive products, and outside resources (e.g., WebMD).

One of the most important things to remember about improving your sleep naturally is that there is almost never a “silver bullet.” Since sleep is such a complex issue, the solutions are usually just as complex. In most cases, there are multiple factors that are contributing to your sleep problems. As a result, multiple solutions are usually required to achieve substantial and long-lasting improvements.

Check back next week for more detailed information and specific recommendations concerning how you can improve the quantity and quality of your sleep - naturally.


Take the information you have documented in your sleep journal and start evaluating what you ARE doing correctly as far as experiencing good sleep. Then, evaluate what you are NOT doing correctly. Based on this information, determine what changes you need to make to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Continue to keep your sleep journal and monitor your results. If you see that your sleep is getting worse, reevaluate based on the information in your sleep journal and make the appropriate changes.

Unfortunately, sleep problems are not a “one and done” kind of thing. The quality and quantity of your sleep can suffer for many reasons, including seasonal/weather changes, physical changes, emotional or psychological changes, medical conditions, work schedule changes, increased stress levels, and much more.

You might find it helpful, especially for some of the stubborn sleep-related habits that you need to change, to implement some SMART goals. Although I have seen several variations of SMART goals, let’s use the following acronym for our purposes:

  • Specific (Your goals should be precise about exactly what you want to accomplish.)

  • Measurable (Your goals should be quantified so that you’ll know if you’ve met them.)

  • Achievable or Attainable (Your goals should be realistic - not too difficult or too easy.)

  • Relevant (Your goals should be applicable to YOU and exactly what YOU want to accomplish.)

  • Time-Bound (Your goals should include specific milestones and deadlines to keep you focused.)



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Bill Pickard, Guest Blogger for Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company
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Primary Focus: Copywriting and Content Writing for the Natural Health Industry
Relevant Experience: Internet and print sales with BellSouth Advertising & Publishing and AT&T Advertising.
Natural health industry sales experience with Gaia Herbs, Inc. (an industry-leading manufacturer of premium herbal supplements), and Braven, Inc. (a successful e-commerce reseller of top-quality natural supplements).